Tuesday, June 16, 2015

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Again, I know ;)

Hey, Hey! How do you ya like the new look around here? I finally decided to give the blog a make over with a more professional look. I LOVE how it turned out! I want to give a great big shout out to Sweet Baby Designs, she ROCKS! 

I know, it's been foreeeeeeeeeever since I last posted, but I was trying to decide if this is something I really wanted to do. I am a mother, a partner and a teacher and this blogging business is some serious work! 

Another thing I was pondering was, if I decided to continue blogging, in what capacity did I want to do it. Do I just want to do cookies and if so what do I want to do with the cookies...strictly how to decorate, recipes, just cookies or other baked goods, regular food, ect.?? So many questions. 

For now this is what I'm planning...

I want to show you how to decorate very simple cookies. Cookies that are made with a cookie cutter you can pick up just about anywhere, using three colors or less and with only a few details. Nothing too complicated because let me tell you what, this decorated cookie business is NO JOKE! There are some cookies out there that look like true works of art and they are! Kuddos to those fabulous cookie artists but that is not this woman!

I also want to continue with "Tuesday's Tips and Tricks". This will be a place where I share some of the things that work for me when it comes to making cookies and I might throw some other stuff in there as well from time to time. 

You'll notice I have a tab titled, "Beyond Cookies". This is where I may share some home projects, teacher stuff or just random things going on in my life. 

I really believe this blog will move towards more a lifestyle blog but I wasn't quite ready to make the jump but i wanted to started and I am!

Please follow along as I see where this little blog takes me! Let's enjoy the ride!! :)

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