Sunday, January 10, 2016

So Long 2015...Hello 2016!

Hey, Hey, Hey!! Happy New Year! 

I know it's been a looooooong time...AGAIN...but you know life around here during the holidays was craZAY! 

Unfortunately, I don't have a new cookie recipe but wanted to pop in and do a recap of 2015 and talk a little bit about what I want to shoot for in 2016. 

I didn't do a lot of cookies this past year but I did manage to do a few cute ones :)

Some snowflakes...

I did these for my niece's 13th birthday! So cute! 

I did not make any Shamrock cookies in 2015 but we did make this fabulous drink! Isn't it pretty? 

Next up some sweet butterflies...

I must admit, I really didn't think I had done this many cookies last year...but here's a couple more. 

And a few Fourth of July cookies! 

I did cookies for Christmas but never had time to take pictures...but I did get a shot of this FABULOUSLY DELICIOUS cake! Wowza!

Look at that cake!!!! One of my goals this year is to remake this and do a blog post on it. It is soooo good and deserves it's own post! 

Speaking of goals for this year...I have decided that I need to start small...I mean really I'm shooting for one post a month. 

I know that sounds like so few...but it's 4 times what I did in 2015!! 

Let's see if I can make that goal and then I'll bump it up a little bit :) 

Happy 2016!! 

I almost forgot this. This!! (Which by the way, I'm making tonight!) Yummy!

Stay tuned! :)  

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