Tuesday, April 11, 2017

5 Simple Easter Ideas

Easter is right around the corner. I can’t believe it’s already here! Easter is one of my favorite holidays…I think because it signifies fresh beginnings. At least for me it does. 

One of my most favorite things about Easter has always been dying eggs. I dyed them as a kid, teenager, when I moved out with Lisa...all the way up to when we had Sky. Now it’s one of Sky’s favorite things about Easter. As a matter of fact we fight over how many eggs we each get to dye. No matter how many I boil, he ends up dying the most! 

This year I want to try out this method. It’s all over Pinterest but this is where I saw it first. 

KOOL-AID Tie-Dye Easter Eggs – As cool as they are, Tie-Dye Easter Eggs are super easy to make with a few different KOOL-AID packets and hard-cooked eggs—especially with these step-by-step instructions! This kid-friendly craft will make the whole family's holiday a little more colorful. Click here for more tips on how to make coloring Easter eggs extra special.:

I love making crafts with Sky out of egg cartons. We always have empty egg cartons on hand and these bunnies would be just enough to keep him entertained for awhile, but not too fussy that he gets annoyed. He is 10 now, so you know. 

Crafty Morning is where you can find out how to make these little cuties! 

Decorating for holidays has become something I'm trying to streamline in my life! I'd like to get to where I'm decorating my porch, fireplace and dining room table and that's IT! 

I love this sign from Craft-O-Matic. I think it would be so cute on my fireplace! And actually the color scheme fits my kitchen right now, so I could leave it up all year. It's a win-win :)
Photo Credit: Craft-O-Matic

Of course, I couldn't leave out cookies! I have had these pinned for a looooong time. Maybe, just maybe I'll get them made this year? I'm thinking I will tweak them a bit though and make lemon flavored sugar cookies and ice them with lemon frosting. From a can! Gasp! 
Cheryl's Cookies - sugar cutouts with buttercream frosting. Yum:

But seriously, how cute are they? And I'm thinking they would be sooo easy! Except for that nose. What is that? 

If you aren't up to making them you can order them from Cheryls.com.

This cake right here is going to be THE reason I buy a cast iron skillet. Once and for all. 

Cast Iron Skillet Carrot Cake

I love the idea of this cake because, 1) It looks devine! 2) It's one level (so no trying to layer levels and all that. 3) It's EASY. I'm all about easy these days. Hence why you haven't seen any decorated cookies for awhile.

I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing Easter!

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