Monday, July 2, 2012

Baseball Cookies:)


I am just playing around to see if I really want to do a blog or not! Because I am a procastinator and change my mind every second about everything, I didn't want to pay for a blog and know suck at it.

So, I made these cookies for a friend's son for their last game of the season, and guess what she did with them? Put them in the freezer because she forgot to hand them out! Poor kids! :( But at least they will have a sweet treat for fall ball! :)

Oh well, we'll see how they taste in a couple of months after being in the freezer:) A nice way to do a test run!
I'll keep you posted....that is if I'm still blogging.

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  1. FYI, this is how I started. mamahenskitchen over at blogspot. Then when I realized how much i loved it and that I was actually good at it and keeping up a steady pace, that's when I made the switch to Wordpress and paid for my own domain and hosting site. Blogger is an alright place for a test-run with low commitment.


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