Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Here Little Fishy!:)

My son requested some not real fish...these fish:)

He is so used to me making cookies, and cookies being all over the house that he typically doesn't even notice what is going on. So when he requested that I make some orange fish, I had to oblige!:)

Yes, I realize there are more than just orange fish here, because after I had mixed up almost ALL of the icing in orange he says to me, "Mama, can you do some green and purple too?"! Why of course son, at your service! :)

Now, I know the little purple fishy doesn't look purple...he looks blue, but that's because my camera is old, and my photography skills are pretty null and void. Someday I hope to improve both of those know after I finish college and get a paying job.

For now you can look at the "blue" fish because he sure is lookin' at you!

P.S. Doesn't it look like he has little lips?:) "Smack"...he gave you a kiss!
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