Sunday, July 22, 2012

Edible Olympic Rings:)

The Olympics are coming! The Olympics are coming!
I don't know how it is at your house, but at our house the Olympics are a BIG deal! I remember one year our local weather man kept interrupting the Summer Olympics to report on a possible tornado, and he wouldn't get his face off the TV. Well, I guess soooo many people complained that night, that the next day on the news he made a statement, and said he was just trying to keep us safe. Ha! We are in the Midwest... we stand on the porch to watch the twisters go by! We want our Olympics!!:)

I wanted to do the Olympic Rings in a way that wasn't a cookie...I know...sorry, so I thought why not do Rice Krispie Treat Rings and viola...Easy Peasy! Well Sorta:)

However, we did it the hard way and made the entire marshmallow part at once, but in hind sight we decided it would be easier to make it in batches, so that is the recipe I am going to give you. If you wanted to do a grand production and were having a big ol' Opening Night ceremony you could make five regular sized batches, and make them HUGE and use them as a center piece and the peeps could just grab a piece of the rings.

I used Americolor for these because it is the best and it really makes the colors pop! I am lucky to be able to get mine locally at Sweet Baking Supply. I used Royal Blue, Black, Tulip Red, Leaf Green, and Lemon Yellow. As you can see from the pictures I don't have the best lighting in my kitchen. I have to take most of my pictures in the mud room...I know:(
My baby loves making Rice Krispies and this is one time I know I can get him the kitchen to help! :)

I know it's only the back of him, but isn't he just the cutest! :) I'm not to hip on putting him all over the Internet just yet, so until he's a little older, these kinds of pics will have to do.

Rice Krispie Rings

3 3/4 C. Rice Krispies
5 tbsp. margarine
10 oz. Marshmallows

You will also need a muffin pan that you will flip over and spray the back, and coloring.

As I said if I were you I would make this in batches. So, you only need one small sauce pan.

Start off melting 1 tbsp. of margarine, and 2 oz. of marshmallows until smooth. Add in a few drops of color and stir until completely incorporated and desired color is achieved. Next, stir in 3/4 c. rice krispies. Shape around the bottom of the muffin pan. You should be able to get two rings with each color.
See like that:)

After it has set up a little bit, you can transfer it over to a piece of wax paper that has been sprayed with non-stick cooking spray.

Now, just repeat the same thing all over again with the remaining ingredients and colors.

I was going to be satisfied with just putting the rings next to each other as I did in the picture at the top, but my "PIC" had to interlock them because then that makes it all official I guess:)


Stay tuned for more Olympic Treats and maybe, just maybe a craft! :)

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