Friday, July 6, 2012

Under the Sea Cookies!

I did these cookies for a little boy's first birthday party awhile back ,and I think they turned out pretty good. I especially like the octopus:) He is so cute and he was really easy! I used the wet on wet trick for his spots.
I drew his mouth on with an edible marker. and I did his eyes with the same wet on wet, and then a little white dot after his eyes were dry.

Next up is Mr. Crabby....I have a little trouble with my red icing either cracks or just looks funky. I did finally figure out to only use the Super Red (Americolor). But I have also discovered if the icing is too thick and I move the cookies around too much, they crack....grrrrr! Makes me mad, but I will get better the more I practice:) I could have also added a little detail on his body after he dried. I'll try to remember this next time.

I know I'm gettin' a little carried away with cutesying(is that a word?) the pictures up. I will try to refrain from this..maybe?:)

Here they are together!

Oh but wait, I really like how I did this one up:) I used PicMonkey, I'm addicted to that little monkey....he is sooo cute!

Wow...four posts in one week. I'm sure I won't be able to keep up with this pace, but I'll try!
Well, that's a little big...I'll have to work on that:)


  1. Hey! Welcome to the blogging world... I'm so excited to be able to see all your cute creations. And let me say, cute they are! These crab and octopus cookies are just adorable. Playing with royal icing a bit, I know just how NOT easy it can be to make something look cute. So props to you and your talent. Keep it up!

  2. Hi! Thanks for visiting and being the first to comment. I'm new to this blogging thing...hopefully I'll get better. I do love making the cookies, but they are VERY time consuming. I plan to expand my blog to other baked goods and recipes:)

    Thanks for the compliments, I really appreciate it. And by the way I love your honest and forthcoming! I hope you are proud!

    1. yes, time consuming they are! I've tried my hand at decorating with royal icing and it takes forEVER. I would be interested in hearing your recipe and techniques for decorating with royal icing. There are so many tutorials and recipes out there for the "best", and I'm just not sold on any of them. and your icing looks pretty darn flawless. do you use meringue powder?
      and thank you thank you for the compliments on my site. i definitely do put myself whole self out there, which can be a little scary at times, but it's real, and i have hopes that i'll help at least one person along the way!
      keep it up girl. can't wait to see what's next.

    2. Yes I do use meringue powder and I also sift my powdered sugar...even though a lot of cookiers say you don't have to.

      Do you follow Bridgette at Bake @ 350? She has some great tutorials. And Annie at Annies-Eats has a good royal icing recipe.

  3. yes, i follow them both. will have to check it out.
    bummer on the meringue powder - i have no problems with it, it's just REALLY pricey! I bet the sifted sugar makes a difference


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